Thursday, November 1, 2012

one thousand gifts' joy dare

after a busy, stressful, and often-hectic few months (or more!), i'm worn out and needing reminders of God's loving care and faithfulness in my life. i've been reading ann voskamp's blog, a holy experience, for about six months now, and have always been intrigued by her joy dare, but haven't participated - until now. she talks often about how joy is found in being thankful for God's grace, most tangible in the smallest, even sometimes-painful gifts he gives us every day. i've also been reading free of charge by miroslav volf, and he makes a similar connection between the grace we have in Christ and God's persistent gifts. with the thanksgiving holiday coming later this month, november seemed a good one to start the joy dare, so we'll see how it goes!

november joy dare

day one: three gifts eaten
day two: three gifts worn
day three: three gifts that start with 'n'
day four: a gift gathered, given, good
day five: three gifts acorn-small
day six: three gifts government
day seven: three gifts from your window
day eight: a gift sweet, salty, sipped
day nine: three gifts harvest
day ten: three gifts found in Bible reading
day eleven: three gifts of remembrance
day twelve: three gifts at noon
day thirteen: three gifts behind a door
day fourteen: three gifts silent
day fifteen: three gifts golden
day sixteen: three gifts hard eucharisteo
day seventeen: three gifts of laughter
day eighteen: a gift made, shared, passed on
day nineteen: three gifts autumn
day twenty: three gifts tradition
day twenty-one: three gifts family
day twenty-two: a gift grateful
day twenty-three: three gifts only in Christ
day twenty-four: three gifts humble
day twenty-five: three gifts ugly-beautiful
day twenty-six: three gifts preparing
day twenty-seven: a gift handmade, held, happy
day twenty-eight: three gifts in community
day twenty-nine: three gifts red
day thirty: three gifts astonishing!

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