Monday, November 5, 2012

day five: three gifts acorn-small

I'm having a hard time thinking of small gifts today - I take things pretty literally, and there just aren't many acorn-sized things or events (how can an event - or anything intangible - have a physical shape?) - but these things were gifts nonetheless. Thank you, Lord, for your sweet goodness!

#13: my boyfriend's blog post, and the good reminder of how big and mysterious our God is (and the excitement of getting to see said boyfriend in just four short days! :) ).
#14: a day full of meetings. maybe it's an addiction, but I love having a full schedule.
#15: a day full of productive meetings. not the frustrating, feel like you're pushing a rock up a hill kind, but the helpful, making-progress, and having-rational-discussions kind. thank you, Lord.

and, just for extra measure, because it was such a good day:
#16: laughter with coworkers.
#17: the good health to run (4.5 miles tonight!).
#18: an overall "meets expectations" in my mid-year review. and the guts to ask for a raise, despite my less-than-perfect performance of late.

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