Friday, November 30, 2012

day thirty: three gifts astonishing!

#90: the gift of health care: a good plan through work, a delightful new doctor I met today, and the realization that I am beyond blessed to have access to such care. Thank you, Lord.

#91: the pretty sunshine all day today. Sunshine in the winter is breath-taking. :)

#92: the gift of these last thirty days! I've told several friends this week how extraordinarily grateful I am to God for nudging me to start counting His gifts. I'm amazed at how freeing and fun and healing it's been this month - how much it's helped me to be grateful for the little things, and to practice being thankful for what's hard (especially day sixteen). But even this week has had it's own painful-hard, and I'm blown away by how much less devastating it is than it has been in the past. Thank you, Lord!

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