Friday, November 9, 2012

day nine: three gifts harvest

I spent the weekend out of town, visiting a super cool guy I know in Madison, WI, so I'm a little behind on publishing these (it's Wednesday morning at 3am - waiting for the second Nyquil round to set in!). I drafted this on Friday night:

I didn't have a huge harvest this year, just a few tomato and basil plants, really. I did have some roasted green tomato salsa with breakfast this morning, though, so that gets to be my first (#28) "I'm thankful for...

The other two are not harvest-related but very much gifts all the same:
#29: Being in Madison, to hang out with my boyfriend! :)
#30: Two cool meetings today about tech4dev; I especially loved talking about data collection tools with a the Field Operations Technology Working Group (seriously and affectionately known as the FOTWOGers). I love data.

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