Friday, December 18, 2009

Las Primeras Fotos (The First Photos!)

Want to see some photos from my trip with Alayna? Click here. They're all of Sevilla - the sunny ones were from yesterday and the rainy ones from today. I love all the old buildings! And I love getting to use Alayna's Nikon D40; it's much more fun than my little point-and-shoot. :)

We're having fun. Today, we visited the Museo de Bellas Artes (Art Museum), which, regrettably, didn't allow us to take photos! I was sad because the building was beautiful. One of the salas (rooms) had cathedral ceilings that were painted with different geometric designs and Biblical characters (think Sistine Chapel, although probably not nearly as spectacular) - I loved it! Alayna finished up her exams today, so hopefully we'll be hitting the road and visiting some other Andalucían towns sometime this weekend!

More later, though - we're about to crash and watch a movie. :) Chau!

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