Thursday, December 17, 2009


*Note: For those of you reading this on Facebook, I won't be checking it for another couple of weeks, so if you have comments and want me to see them, comment on my blog! Thanks :)

Hola, amigos! :) I'm writing this morning from Sevilla, Spain, where it's a bright, sunny, and chilly morning. I am jet-lagging, so my thoughts are all over the place and it's taking a great deal of effort to concentrate! We have a full day today: Alayna is taking an exam while I do a little grocery shopping this morning, and then we are having lunch with her señora, a drink with one of her Spanish intercambios (language learning partner), and dinner with her study abroad crew tonight! Alayna's Spanish is incredible - it makes me self-conscious to even try speaking in front of her! :) It's really cool to be here, though, and to see where she's been living for the past three months.

Sooner or later I'll have a picture or two - Alayna's letting me borrow her camera for the week! - but for now, this is it. Love you all! ~Lynnae


CZull said...

So great for you and Alayna, so jealousy inducing for me. But really, I hope you two have a wonderful time together. Maybe you'll learn a new recipe or two while in Spain? Have a safe and blessed holiday!

LynnaeEtta said...

Thanks, Chris! We're definitely having fun - sorry to make you jealous. :)

And I have every intention of learning a new recipe or two...or at least picking a few dishes to learn to make when I get home! Nothing too extraordinary to report yet, but stay tuned; I'm sure there will be something delicious sooner or later. :)