Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Alayna and I went to Granada Sunday morning, and came back today. I've been having all kinds of fun playing around with her camera (Nikon D40), learning a lot about when to delete photos (not until after I've uploaded them to my computer!), how to use the manual setting, and how not to mess with the white balance unless I remember to unmess with it once I get out of the bright daylight and into the dark low light setting of an Indian restaurant. :) A digital SLR is next on my list, once I figure out when I can afford it!

Most of the adventures we've been having are captured on film: some highlights include visiting the Alhambra (1000-year-old Moorish ruins overlooking Granada), playing cards in a cafe or two (or three? :) ), and a really nice dinner (and some tasty cheap wine) last night. We've decided we really like having a "home" to come home to in Sevilla - we're staying in the apartment of one of Alayna's friends - and it's been fun cooking and relaxing when we're not traveling! Tomorrow we're doing a quick day trip to Córdoba to see La Mezquita, an old (famous) mosque that is supposed to be spectacular! I can't wait. :)

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last couple of days. The rest can be found here.

Sisters on the train! Ready for Granada. :)

The Alhambra! From the Albaicín, a beautiful old neighborhood overlooking Granada.

Inside the Alhambra's walls.

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