Sunday, March 2, 2008

follow up to "wallowing"

While emailing a friend today, who emailed me in response to the "wallowing" post, I had some thoughts on faith that I wanted to share:

Along the same lines at Oswald Chambers' wisdom, a friend today in church mentioned this African proverb: "When you pray, move your feet." I liked it because it speaks to the importance of both prayer and action - being and doing, if you will - and how you can't have one without the other. There is nothing wrong with asking God for answers, guidance, or even just a little nudge in the right direction, but if we're not standing up and walking out the door in faith, trusting that he'll show us as we walk, maybe we're not being obedient. Or at least not living by faith.

My pastor today then talked about how "the righteous will live by faith" and it prompted the question, "Where is your faith (or in what/whom)?" I realized typing the paragraph above that my "faith" (or trust, rather) is most often in having answers to questions. I, too, am slow to act without knowing how things will turn out. That's not living by faith that God is who He says He is (faithful to His promises, full of mercy and grace!); it's trusting my own sense of direction.

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