Sunday, August 5, 2007

ultimate frisbee...

...pretty much rocks my socks off. Every Wednesday a group of plays at a park about a mile from work. We play for a good two hours and usually have a solid 15-20 people.

This past week, we had 27 people show up. It was intense; we split into 3 teams and rotated teams in and out each game. It was a lot of players but a ton of fun.

Frisbee has become a highlight of my week - seriously! I look forward to this game every week; usually by the weekend I am already anticipating it. And who wouldn't? I
t's become a regular community; after the game we eat together at a local restaurant or someone's house. Occasionally we'll hang out on the weekends (some of us more than others!). Mostly, though, we're crazy about tossing a disc for a couple of hours, and it's a riot.

I will miss it in the fall.