Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Over two months ago now, just after I blogged about my trip to Haiti, I had a request for more photos. I should be going to bed, but I was playing around in iPhoto and decided I would post these. This first photo was taken at a microfinance meeting; the women were paying back an installment of their loans. FEMA, World Relief's MFI in Haiti, has a clientèle comprised entirely of women.

These last three photos were taken at a rally post - a mobile clinic for children and women of child-bearing age - where people gathered on the outskirts of town, some coming from half-a-day's journey away in the hills. For three hours they met together, had their babies weighed, learned a few lessons in illness prevention, and immunized the children. They met outside a school building; whether because of the Americans or because of the rally post, class was cancelled for the morning and I wandered back and forth between the group of students fighting for my attention (they wanted me to take their picture, a hundred times over) and the cluster of women, children, and some men, some holding obviously-malnourished babies by the orange tint to their hair. It was perhaps the hardest day; I couldn't communicate with the children (it made me want to learn Kreyol!) and there was nothing I could do for the sick babies but stand and watch and hope the Vitamin A and immunizations and lessons in nutrition would be enough.


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