Sunday, April 15, 2007

the start of a blog

blogs are intimidating. like everything worth doing in life, they should be excellent. but what makes a blog excellent? deep thoughts? pretty pictures? compelling stories? simple layouts? every time i attempt to start one, i am paralyzed by these questions. i am so in my twenties.

one of my favorite hymns is 'be thou my vision' because of this line in the third verse:

'prone to wander - Lord, I feel it - prone to leave the God I love...'

it's true! i am something of a wanderer. new experiences, ideas, places, people and ways of living fascinate me; they challenge me to think differently about the world and my place in it, pushing me outside the safe, comfortable and familiar and into the unknown. it stresses me out some days, but i would be bored and dissatisfied to simply stay at home all the time.

as i've thought about the why for this blog, i keep hitting a brick wall. until two days ago, when talking with a friend, it dawned on me. why not write about my wanderings? at the very least it can be a medium for keeping my friends and family tuned in to the latest item on Lynnae's agenda - ask my grandmother about that one :) - and, who knows? perhaps it will inspire others to do some wandering of their own.

'i wonder as i wander, out under the stars...'

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