Sunday, June 5, 2011

good links

I've been quiet and sporadic lately - it's been a super busy spring! I'm hoping to write a post soon about the new job I've started, but for now, will just share some links I liked today, in no particular order.
  • Sponsor an African...spreadsheet: I love the tag line - "It's not sexy. It works." Yay Engineers Without Borders :)
  • Beautiful food: this woman's blog posts never cease to amaze or inspire me. Beautiful food AND beautiful photos; who could ask for anything more?
  • Speaking with contempt: a good word on guarding against contempt, especially in leadership settings. Tim Keller is always a good read.
  • And, finally, Manliness and Morality, in the Weekly Standard, and a review of it from the Gospel Coalition Blog, Men, Temptation, and the Gospel: two thought-provoking articles that I thoroughly enjoyed reading, especially the part in the second one about the power of the Gospel to transform my brothers in Christ into "self-sacrificing pillars of strength." good stuff.

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