Monday, August 31, 2009

Sugar Daddy

It's been a stressful couple of weeks, what with school starting and my roommate's and my desperate (and fruitless) attempts to find a third roommate. So, in the middle of a rather long evening class tonight (I thought I'd be able to avoid brain does not like to cooperate past 7:00pm when it comes to serious thinking), I decided it would be fun to think about something completely random, rather silly (or superficial), and pretty much entirely out of the realm of possibility. So, without further ado:

Lynnae's Top Ten Reasons Why I Need to Marry a Rich Guy*:
*not to be confused with an old, could-be-my-dad (or granddad) rich guy. I have some standards, folks.

10. To finance my professional student hobby.
9. To avoid having to worry about finding roommates every time I move.
8. To have a travel companion for fun adventures around the world.
7. So I can have a Kentucky horse farm (a dream of mine since I was 16).
6. To fund my non-profit and development activities.
5. To have beautiful, smart kids who have a statistically significant shot at doing well in life.
4. To participate in the oh-so-wonderful yet oh-so-expensive world of local food systems.
3. To be able to invest in really yummy bottles of wine and start my own cellar.
2. To have someone to take me to really nice restaurants every once in a while.

And, finally...
1. Because some days, I just wouldn't mind having a sugar daddy! ;)


Dolma said...

Haha,it's interesting!

LynnaeEtta said...

:) Glad you like it, Dolma!