Monday, April 20, 2009

On a roll...

And, just because it's been forever since I last posted, here's an interesting article about The Shack that I'm sure will spark some lively discussion! And make everyone think I'm a narrow-minded fundamentalist...but bring it on! :)


Jenny said...

Interesting... I haven't read "The Shack," but I've heard all of the praise and excitement about it... have you read it, Lynnae?

LynnaeEtta said...

I have...and wasn't impressed!

Jenny said...

For the reasons mentioned in the article you posted or for others?

And, I guess, were you not impressed because it wasn't written "for you" - i.e. not in your language, or not what you needed to hear, etc. - but you could see the use/appeal/purpose for others? Or you weren't impressed overall and really just don't get the excitement whatsoever?

Sorry, those are some long-winded questions! :-)

LynnaeEtta said...

Hey Jenny - Great questions! Thanks for digging.

For reasons mentioned in that article and this one (a pretty long one, but the best, overall/in-depth review I've found that hits why I wasn't impressed):

I do NOT see a use/appeal/purpose for others because much of the theology "taught" (or written about) is downright unbiblical. I completely get the excitement, though - it's a picture of a god that let's you be whoever you want to be, without imposing any rules or restrictions or limitations - just asks that you love! That's not the God of the Bible - he's much bigger and better (and more just and perfect) than that.

On a perfectly style-related note, his writing drove me nuts - the story was over-the-top emotional & gut-wrenching and the writing, especially in the beginning, was awkward and really, really cheesy. The ending also tied up all of the horrendous things that happened in the story far too easily and nicely.

All that to say, I wasn't impressed! The Tim Challies article above has far more grace and wisdom than my ranting and raving, so if you want to hear a real evaluation, read his. :)

Thanks for asking!

Sheryl said...

I want to respond but I need time to write a well reasoned response- and Im at work so maybe I should be doing something billable. Give me a day or so- I promise to chime in on this subject!

LynnaeEtta said...

You and another friend, Sheryl. Take your time and I can't wait to hear it!