Wednesday, June 13, 2007

avoiding lemons

Nearly one month since my last post and I'm still procrastinating. I have been wanting to get back to blogging - I have been reading so many interesting books and news articles and having great conversations with people - but it's just been too crazy. Too much figuring out the rhythm of life that suits me best, I suppose. Between swing dancing, weddings, planning birthday parties and training for a half marathon, it's no wonder I haven't had time to blog! But I digress.

I am about to make the biggest, scariest decision I've ever made in my life - I'm going to buy a car soon! Do I buy a Saturn? A Civic? Do I spend $1500? $3000? Take out a loan from the bank? What about insurance? And inspections? Maryland's litany of requirements before fully, legally owning a car are more than enough to keep me awake at night (not really) and devastating to my bank account. Who knew getting wheels could be this complicated?

The scariest thing is how unknown and unpredictable it is. What if I get a lemon? What if I don't ask the right questions or get scammed on account of my ignorance when it comes to cars? Then it's all that money, down the drain. Would it be better to wait and save the money for grad school?

Such are the questions I am asking right now. Not deep, not profound, and certainly not world-changing. But I am learning in the midst of them, learning to reign in my compulsiveness, to not get overwhelmed by the unknown, and to relish the opportunity I have to take another step towards being "all grown up" - I'm buying a car soon!

Maybe this one:

And I read an interesting article today from about Facebook/MySpace and our idea of friendship any more. Check it out here.

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